Stuff Happens to Plan A

This is true in all aspects of our lives; we can never predict what tomorrow will bring…if we could there would be no such things a ‘bookmakers’ or ‘betting’. Despite our best efforts, the unexpected can get in the way. However, steps can be taken to protect ourselves.

We can set up an emergency fund for our personal lives, just in case an unexpected life event eats into our savings. We can set our sat-nav’s onto another route if our regular way to work is blocked by heavy traffic. In so many ways, we can have a Plan B in place to help us in times of disaster.

And this is as essential in business as. It is in life. Don’t believe those people who tell you if Plan A doesn’t work you didn’t believe in it enough. If something goes wrong and we haven’t planned for it, the results can be disastrous. Our business day will suffer, we might lose profits, and in extreme cases, we might need to shut down temporarily.

We will be exploring some examples in a moment. But if we have a Plan B in place, we can soften the blow. Using something that coaches call ‘strategic agility’, (or as I call it Plan B,C, D…etc…), we can respond quickly and keep going, despite the setbacks that may have befallen us. Damage has been averted, and our business can continue to thrive.

Putting Plan B into place

So, where should you have a Plan B within your business? In short, everywhere. In those areas of your business that are considered risky, you should have something as backup for those ‘just in case’ moments. You need to get together with your team and put something in place, before disaster strikes.

Here are some examples…

Think about your IT systems

What happens if they go down? What if you are reliant on customer data? Your business could suffer a terrible blow if you can’t access your important files.

However, you can preempt disaster. You could back up your data on the cloud. You could have an IT Support business on speed dial to protect your business before and after any malfunctions. You could have paper copies of anything that you can’t live without. There are ways to halt a disruption to your business, so be ready!

Think about your team

What happens if they can’t come into work? How can you manage if you are reliant on those extra pairs of hands? If you can’t run your business alone, you are going to struggle to manage. However, you can take steps to prepare for any staffing issues. Your best bet is to have a temping agency on speed dial. By registering your business with them, you will be able to fill any vacant spaces in a hurry. You should also consider those companies you can outsource or subcontract to in an emergency. If they can lighten some of your workloads, you can then concentrate on some of the other aspects of running your business.

Think about yourself

What if you can’t come into work? Will your staff have the ability to cope? If you are sick or involved in a family emergency, your business might struggle without you. Except, of course, it won’t; not if your team is fully equipped to manage your business themselves. Work out the best people on your team to delegate to, train them up, and call on them to manage your duties when you’re not around. You might also want to set up an office at home, so you can continue to work and manage your team, despite being away from your workplace.

And so… 

When it comes to preparing a backup plan, don’t delay. While everything is in order today, tomorrow could be very different. Work on a plan B with your team, and if trouble does arise, in whatever shape or form, you will have a Plan B in place to keep your business going…and remember if that doesn’t work, there are plenty of letters left in the alphabet.

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