Welcome to the ‘Your Best Kept Business Secret’ Podcast, with me your host, Marc Ford, business coach, author and editor of the ‘Your Best Kept Business Secret’ Magazine, dedicated to small businesses to get the advice, hints, tips and strategies that no one wants to tell you.

And welcome to the 2nd show in this marathon fest of podcasts. We’re doing 30 podcasts in 30 days to help small business owners like you get back into business. As we record this non-essential shops are due to reopen on the 15th June. So the best of luck as you’ve been given the green light and hopefully this episode is going to help you as that day looms. Today we talk about that thing that every business owners has in common…the old grey matter.

Here’s an interview with Kerry Hearsey, talking about you the brilliant people, with amazing minds on how you can approach the relaunch aspect of your business coming out of lockdown…

There are some massive knowledge bombs in this podcast so grab yourself a drink and tackle 20 minutes to listen on how you can start getting in the right mindset for getting out of business lockdown….