By Hannah Rose


Always ask your customers to leave a recommendation or review after they have purchased from you, whether it’s on social media or Google Reviews. You can then post about these reviews on your page or website. Other customers feeding back that you are a great business to work with is the most powerful way to build trust with future customers. People will always read reviews; having none will affect you as much as having a bad review. 

Quick responses

Isn’t it frustrating when you send an enquiry to a few different vendors and a week later, still haven’t heard back from anybody? I always make sure I respond quickly to the customer’s enquiry or questions to stand out from those businesses who don’t. The customer will then trust that you will respond in a good amount of time once they have purchased from you.

Remember to keep this up, even if it’s just to say ‘I have received your email and will come back to you by the end of the week’.

Keep in touch

Once you have secured a purchase, contact the customer, whether it is just to ask how they are getting on using your product or service or do give them tips, advice or current news within the sector you work in. I find that this can even be a chance for you to up-sell extras. Don’t wait around for the customer to contact when they need you.

Social media

Make sure you have social media pages; the recommendation is to start with two platforms and I have Facebook and Instagram pages. Once created, stay active, posting about what you have been doing as a business, who you have been working with, what tips and inspiration you have, what news you have, new releases. Include posts about you – people like personal posts, so include pictures of yourself and maybe even your family or pets. Videos are another great way for people to find out more about you as a person – it’s important to not hide behind the sales posts.


When responding to an enquiry, include inspiration from another job you have already completed. You can also include these on your social media and in your ‘keep in touch’ emails. This will show customers the kind of work you have already completed, your style and your skills.


Recommend suppliers you have worked with in your industry. Make sure they are also good, reliable businesses, which will then put you in the same category. They may even recommend you back which will be even better to help build trust with your customers. I have great relationships with suppliers who recommend my business to Wedding couples and I, in turn, recommend them.

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