The ‘Wedding Business’ Gearing Up For A Rebound (In Business Terms Obviously)

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YBKBS Small Business News for Smart Business Owners The Business of Weddings Will Help Drive a Rebound in the Economy This Summer
The Business of Weddings Will Help Drive a Rebound in the Economy This Summer

It’s on. It’s off. It’s on again. It’s off again. And that’s just the plans we’ve all had during lockdown. But imagine being in that place where you’re getting married to the love of your life and CoVid19 just keeps getting in the way.

Well that’s what’s happened to thousands of couples across the UK over the last twelve months. Tears, Tiara’s and Tantrums have reverberated around the UK as loved-up couples dream days have been dashed by the global pandemic. But when Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced his roadmap out of the worst country wide disaster since World War 2, couples started getting their plans together again and in turn, will help a devastated industry get back on their feet.

Marc Ford

Marc Ford

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It’s Been Tough

A wedding business entrepreneur has taken 12 months of frustration in her stride, and is all set for the sector’s return to health. Laura Hopkins of the Wedding Emporium in Peterborough is confident that the wedding sector will enjoy success as lockdown restrictions ease. But she believes it will take some time to reverse the damage of the past year.

Laura says: “It’s been a very tough time for us and the sector as a whole. The Budget had some good news for small limited companies like ourselves, but only after almost a year of falling through the cracks in terms of support.

“Realistically the sector won’t be back to anything like normality until summer 2022, but that doesn’t mean this year will be a total wash-out,” she added.

YBKBS Small Business News for Smart Business Owners
Laura Hopkins of the Wedding Emporium in Peterborough is confident that the wedding sector will enjoy success as lockdown restrictions ease
Being Optimistic 

Now that key dates for lifting the lockdown are clear, Laura is optimistic about prospects for this summer: “Couples have experienced a year of frustration and delays. When things open up, they will pull out all the stops to have a wonderful day to share with their family and friends.”

Laura and her husband Gavin, owners of The Wedding Emporium, are tapping into this optimism with two new initiatives aimed at bringing suppliers and couples together.

They are launching a new wedding search engine in April, providing a convenient way for service providers to connect with couples. It will feature information about suppliers’ service, contact details, photos and videos. It will also enable couples to create a shortlist of suitable suppliers.

It’s also going to be an even busier month, as April is the announcement of winners in the Wedding Emporium’s Wedding Industry Awards. The awards will recognise the contribution of business owners within the wedding industry during these challenging times.

Laura says: “Lots of care has gone into the scoring of wedding suppliers within each region within the UK. It’s our way to create public recognition of the tremendous work done by the best suppliers. It’s especially important than we give the wedding industry a boost and raise morale after such a tough time for the sector.”

Plans Halted and Changed

In January, the Wedding Emporium’s plans to sign the lease on retail premises in Peterborough were put on hold due to lockdown restrictions. Bringing forward development of the online directory was Laura’s response to this setback.

Laura remains committed to creating a unique wedding showroom where couples can meet the suppliers they need in one place. 

YBKBS Small Business New for Smart Business Owners Laura Hopkins The Wedding Emporium
Laura Hopkins The Wedding Emporium

She says: “A number of suppliers are eager to be a part of the new showroom. It will give them a presence in a prime location, but without the cost or commitment of taking on dedicated premises. Regular events will create a real buzz and connect suppliers with couples.”

An Industry On It’s Knees

The Wedding Industry has been on it’s knees. Whilst the mainstream press has focused on hospitality, there are many small businesses and self-employed business owners that have been effected in what can only be described as a ‘ripple’ effect. 

Weddings cancelled or moved, means venues cancelled or moved. Along with the planners, the flowers, the dresses, the cars, the band, the DJ, the photographer and all the other things that go with weddings. Most of them being small business and self employed business owners.

Whilst the cynics will throw the ‘when things were eased people could still get married’ spanner in the works, they forget that having a photo with only a few other people because of restrictions, whilst wearing masks and being so distanced that photographers need a wide angle lens, would not be everyones idea of the ‘perfect day’. It will be great to see the joy and happiness come back after an awful year for us all, and weddings , with all their intricate pieces of the jigsaw will be a big part of a happier summer as well as a part of the small business economic fightback.

More details

Laura and Gavin launched their first business, Elegant Design, after how difficult it can be to source quality wedding suppliers. Unable to find a suitable service, they designed their own wedding and turned the experience into a career. This led to creating the Wedding Emporium, which will give couples access to hand-picked suppliers in each category for everything from flowers to catering.

Laura is inviting suppliers who wish to explore becoming part of the online or retail experience to contact her via email: or call 07828 432 679.

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