The Kickstart Campaign – A Kick in The Teeth and a Missed Opportunity

kickstart campaign - a disaster for small business Marc Ford mba

A kick in the teeth for small business and a missed opportunity…

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By Marc Ford, Coach and Editor at YBKBS

Kickstart Campaign – What is the point?

And so the knives are out…and some of them from us too.
The new Government Kickstart Scheme has arrived to the noise of the usual Government trumpets, only for it to have missed the point and now slightly sounds like that noise a trumpet does when a clown enters the building.
For us a missed opportunity and even according to other commentators (link below), it seemed like a MASSIVE opportunity missed for the small business sector that whilst felt the strain of the Pandemic didn’t start instantly collapsing, refinancing or throwing out excuses as it’s bigger, well cash supported counterparts did.
So for Small businesses there’s good news and bad news …..
The good news is that the Kickstart Scheme is in place to create new 6-month job placements for young people who are currently on Universal Credit. Funding is available for 100% of the relevant national minimum wage for 25 hours a week plus NI/pension contributions. There’s also £1500 per job placement available for setup costs, support and training. Which sounds great doesn’t it?
The bad news is that applications must be for 30 or more placements which means micro and small businesses will miss out. However, micro/small businesses can use a representative or club together with other similar employers or trade bodies. A list of those representatives can be found with your local Jobcentre Employer Partnership team.
This way ‘around’ paperwork for the public sector is at detriment to the small businesses once again and what concerns me the most will apply a barrier to small businesses who could have taken up the opportunity to support the scheme AND grow their business at the same time.
Having spoken to several people this morning, the concern for small and micro businesses is that the government genuinely don’t seem to understand the small business scene in the UK. I think it came as a massive surprise to them just how many small businesses there were propping up our economy when the pandemic struck. Even more so when they realised how many different types of set-up there were. So to launch a scheme that whist it’s headline grabbing, but seems to be aimed at businesses that not only are built on foundations of sand judging by the insolvencies and down-sizing that’s going on, and still have a proportion of their colleagues and staff on furlough with consultations going on behind closed doors, seems not only like a shot in the foot but a missed opportunity to grow a vibrant and ‘take anyone on’ part of the economy.
This is really frustrating news for micro/small businesses but hopefully won’t get in the way of some if not all…but yet again shows that ministers and their colleagues really don’t understand the true make-up of the economy in the UK. It’s not surprising, just disappointing. And to all you 16-24yr olds out there who may well be reading this…think different. Think better. Think of becoming an entrepreneur. You then control you’re own destiny and you won’t be a forgotten generation if YOU control it.
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