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The Importance of a Personal Brand

By Blanka Gal

What is a visual brand?

First and foremost, never, ever underestimate the importance of your visual presence. It is really important to create a strong visual identity although it is a small part of your overall business, as your visual brand is the first touchpoint with your customers and clients. It is the first thing start relating to when they interact with your business, the first piece of information people are processing. It not only gives you a cohesive, professional and polished look but shares your story the right way, establishes credibility, builds trust and deeper connection with your ideal clients and customers.

You are the face of your business

There is a saying in sales, people buy YOU and not really your product. They buy into who you are and what you represent. In the present global economy where anyone can sell anything, or anyone can copy what others are offering, having a strong personal brand as a part of your overall visual identity is crucial in order to stand out and show your uniqueness. And not just to stand out and be separated from others, but to be trusted, that is the key. People trust something they can relate to, like a person, and not just a brand. With that trust comes loyalty, and with loyalty comes fans who proudly recommend your brand to others.

It is important to understand that everyone has a personal brand, whether you want one or not. It is defined by everything you do, from what you wear to how you compose emails, how you conduct yourself on the phone to how you are visible online. Should your profile picture be the family vacation or your favourite pet, a fun night out – or worse – the logo of your business or an abstract shot? Or should it be a powerful, compelling, and confidence-building headshot that makes prospective clients, employers and partners want to instantly connect? 

By working on your authentic personal brand both offline and online has its own benefits. It helps you define who you are and the type of person you want to be. As an entrepreneur, it can also assist in establishing your leadership-stlye and establish how you want to be known in your field. It builds confidence not just in your customers but also within. A strong personal brand demonstrates your values, conveys the right messages to the right customers. 

A well-built personal brand is attractive

And the more attractive you are, the more clients you will have. It will not happen overnight, but the reward of having more clients is well worth it in the end.

Working on your personal brand not only gives you more clients, but it also gives you better quality clients. As you grow your brand and become more successful in your field, you attract the more successful and better-known names in your field (and other fields) too! Success attracts success. And with better clients to work with, you now have the freedom to choose only the ones you like.

A well built personal brand helps you increase your prices. Along with a strong and attractive personal brand comes a higher demand for your services. And the more in demand you are, the higher your asking price becomes as the demand for your time, skill sets, and expertise increases. This puts you in a better position when it comes to negotiating your price with a client.

A strong personal brand also gives you more time freedom. By being able to charge more for your time, you can choose the number of hours you want to work. Yes, you can still work long hours and make more money. But, you can also choose to take it easy and work sparingly with only the clients you want. The choice of being able to work less and yet, live more, and make more, is freedom. And for some, having this freedom is priceless.

A strong personal brand builds a bigger and better network. In business, or in any aspect of life really, your network determines your net worth. Who you know or the type people you have access to, have a strong correlation on how much you make or how high your value is. And a strong personal brand increases the width and the quality of your network and even gives you access to exclusive connections.

If you’re having trouble getting people to purchase your product or do business with you then building up your personal brand is something worth considering.

Professional branding photography takes your branding and visual presence to the next level. It helps you put your best face forward, tells your story and solidifies your brand. Builds credibility, shows your true self and sets you apart from your competition. If you get it right, people will remember you.  But please be aware that personal branding is not a short term strategy. It is something that can serve as the foundation of a business and make every aspect of it more effective. It is a long term investment that will more than pay for itself if it is done right. 

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