10 Things These Business Owners Learned in 2020 (And How It Will Help Propel Them in 2021)

10 Things These Business Owners Learned in 2020 (And How It Will Help Propel Them in 2021)

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small business owners share their successes of 2020 with you
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By Marc Ford

2020 has been a terrible year for everyone in business ,especially those small business owners, the self employed and entrepreneurs. So I reached out to listeners and viewers and asked them a simple question, “What was the most important thing they’ve learned in 2020 and how will it help them in 2021?”

I go through some of the answers and give a genuine slant on each answer helping them and you get the business you’re hard work truly deserves. Here are the contributors details…

Paul Horne @Goldfish Designs www.coolgoldfishdesigns.co.uk

Lexi Black @Glade Digital www.gladedigital.com

Lawrence Laidlow @Funerals By Design www.funeralsbydesign.co.uk

Steven Mather, Solictor @Steven Mather www.stevenmather.co.uk

Paul Fisher, Entrepreneur www.rioddrivingschool.co.uk

Hannah Rose @Complete Rose Events www.completeroseevents.co.uk

Nicky Harris @The Driving Academy www.thedrivingacademy.org

Laurence Childs @Jalepeno Business Solutions www.jalapeno.is

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