Business Management

There are thousands of entrepreneurial small businesses which open everyday, but how many people have the actual know-how for making money and succeeding in their business? You are the one who is responsible for making a business plan, development of the business and the business accounts. 

This section will provide you with the foundations of business management so that you will receive the satisfaction in watching your own business grow. If you are thinking of starting or have just started your own business then these articles are a must for you.

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unemployment is up - what does this mean for small business and young people? YBKBS magazine

Unemployment Up – What Does This Mean for Small Business (and Young People) Like You?

Unemployment has gone up – what does this mean for small business owners (and young people) like you?

the perfect storm brewing for small business and how to get through it Marc Ford ybkbs magazine

The Perfect Storm for Small Business and How To Get Through It

The perfect storm that faces every entrepreneur can be likened to the “eye of the storm” where calm winds exist at the axis of your business and blue skies abound … but nonetheless you are in the midst of severe weather. It can also manifest as a storm, so severe that it seems impossible to overcome the centripetal force that jostles you recklessly – forcing you into uncomfortable pivots and confusing turning points.

A perfect storm is always persona non grata.

the dark side of business coaching by Marc Ford YBKBS editor this is not business coaching

The Dark Side of Business Coaching

A very personal article by YBKBS Editor and Coach Marc Ford. This is NOT business coaching

has covid19 caused a race to the bottom? you have been warned by Marc Ford at ybkbs small business magazine

Has CoVid19 Caused a Race to The Bottom? – You Have Been Warned!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and it’s nice to be able to talk to you all again. But…I come with a warning. There is a race on, and this is the start of the second leg of a race that we in business almost want to come last in.

Furlough Fraud – Now just 60 days to self-report any potential abuse of the support scheme or face personal liability, HRMC action and potential criminal action.

Furlough Fraud – Now just 60 days to self-report any potential abuse of the support scheme or face personal liability, HRMC action and potential criminal action.

While the Government’s financial schemes have been a real help to many businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, fraudsters are quick to find ways to take advantage. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), known as the Furlough Scheme, is no exception and along with other financial support such as the Business Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS), they are opening up a whole new risk of prosecution to business owners. Steven Mather, a commercial lawyer with Nexa Law, writes. 

6 things to outsource for more efficient business growth YBKBS Small Business Magazine

Six Things to Outsource for More Efficient Business Growth

While it might be possible to run your entire business single-handed at the beginning, sooner or later you’re going to need some help. Here are six things to consider outsourcing, freeing up more time for you to focus on what matters to you.

the importance of loyalty to a small business Marc Ford YBKBS

The Importance of Customer Loyalty to Small Business

Many fail to put as much focus on customer loyalty programs.
And it’s just bemusing. They are the richest vein of marketing you could wish for.

3 best business podcasts coming out of lockdown ybkbs magazine

3 Best Business Podcasts Coming Out Of Lockdown

As one aspect of reflection, and as podcasters ourselves here at YBKBS, it’s given us time to look at what other business podcasts are out there right now to help weather these difficult times.

has small business marketing become a popularity contest by Marc Ford MBA YBKBS magazine for small business

Has Small Business Marketing Become a Popularity Contest?

Businesses striving to bring in that lucrative ROI with social media often fall into trap of thinking that the more followers, likes and loves you have the more success your social campaigns will have. In actuality, that is not always the case

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really common small business mistakes in marketing to watch out for ybkbs magazine and platform

Do You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Really Common Small Business Mistakes to Watch Out For (and Avoid)

should you hire. friend in a small business? things to consider

Should You Hire a Friend? Consider These Things First

Large companies are generally amazing at social monitoring. Have you ever tagged a company in a post on social media, either positive or negative, and received a response within minutes? Well, that’s due to their stellar social monitoring….

how to start the day right even if your not a morning people ybkbs magazine

How to Start the Day Right When You’re NOT a Morning Person

Ah, mornings. Whether you’re a “spring out of bed and leap into action” type or a “don’t even talk to me until I’ve had my second cup of coffee” type, many people have strong opinions about mornings.