About YBKBS - The Magazine for SME's and Small Business

Being a self employed, small business owner is one of the best things someone can ever do. It gives you chances to do things you never thought of and meet people that you never dreamt you would.

It has the power to change your world. It has the power to change other peoples worlds. But it also has it’s problems.

Coming out of being employed by somebody to self-employed means that you now have tasks and jobs that you never thought you would. Before, you probably never really had to think about building and running an entire marketing strategy and plan.

You now realise that YOU are entirely responsible for the selling in the business. And it suddenly dawns on you that everything that has anything to do with your business is your responsibility.

You were really good at something, or you really wanted to show up for yourself and do something to prove to yourself, your family, your loved ones, your friends, your enemies and the whole dam world, that you are here to do something more than work for someone else.

You ended up against all common sense, running your own business and becoming an entrepreneur. You became the ‘Accidental Small Business Owner’.

Welcome to Your Best Kept Business Secret 

Welcome; I’m Marc Ford MBA, Coach, Author and Editor at ‘Your Best Kept Business Secret’, the magazine specifically designed for entrepreneurs, SME and small business owners like you.

This platform and it’s small business magazine were born out of the CoVid-19 crisis which swept the globe devastating the lives and the businesses of millions of people. Here in the UK we quickly realised that ‘help’ and ‘practical advice’ for entrepreneurs, small businesses,  SME’s and their owners in Leicester in the East Midlands, simply just wasn’t there. SME and small business owners were at the mercy of a mass media that didn’t understand what advice was really needed to help or the mercenary coaches, guru’s and ‘experts’ that immediately started trying to sell the ’emperors new clothes’ off the back of fear and failure in the hope of turning things around and becoming rich. It simply wasn’t good enough.

Let Us Help You to Help Your Business

So, as we are the centre of the universe here in Leicester in the East Midlands, I and a group of trusted expert entrepreneur friends started an online local small business magazine, for SME business owners like you called ‘Your Best Kept Business Secret’. With a ‘soft launch’ we had 3,500 downloads in days with a mix of articles that you could read, watch or listen to. It went well…

From there we decided to build and launch this platform, so we can focus and share the expert practical advice with you and other small business owners that others don’t want you to know…that same advice that other successful small business owners all over the world are now using.

They are using the ideas, thoughts and strategies to great effect and monetising, growing and marketing their SME business, changing their lives and changing their customers worlds.

So here are some of the subjects that over the coming days, weeks, months and years, we will be talking about…

-Business Marketing

-Business Growth

-Business Management

-Business Finance

-Business Mindset

-Business Branding

-HR for SME’s

-Interviews with Business Experts

-Small Business Podcasts

-Small Business Video’s

…and all put together in a monthly downloadable small business online magazine, so you can read it, watch it, or listen to it.

We’re glad you’re along for the ride. It’s your small business and we’re here to help you grow it into the business that your hard work deserves.

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