3 Best Business Podcasts Coming Out Of Lockdown

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Business Management

By Marc Ford, Coach, Author and Editor at YBKBS

“Learning is a treasure that will follow it’s owner everywhere”

Chinese Proverbs

Lockdown has been a bit of a storm for businesses. Weathering what’s happening right now and also trying to plan for what’s coming. Will there be a recession? Will it be ‘U’ shaped, ‘V’ shaped or even a ‘W’ shape? The futures of staff, colleagues, business owners and business owners are all in this torrent of bad fiscal weather. And we may not all be in the same boat, but we’re certainly in the same storm.

For some of us, it’s given us a chance that perhaps we haven’t had before and that’s more time to reflect of the direction of your business along with the way you’re going to get there. As one aspect of reflection, and as podcasters ourselves here at YBKBS, it’s given us time to look at what other business podcasts are out there right now to help weather these difficult times.

Become a Story Brand with Donald Miller

We love this podcast. Pure and simple. Story Brand is a business that helps small businesses tell their story without ‘we-ing’ all over it. What do I mean? You know the businesses that talk about themselves all the time…yeah…them. 

Presented by Donald himself, he involves various guests who talk their own perspectives on how lucrative using a story framework can be to tell a businesses story without permanently talking about themselves. The hugely refreshing thing about this podcast is that they re also talking you through what they are having to do in their own business to weather the current storm. They don’t hold back and you can genuinely hear the worry and anxiety about the futures of their own employees as things crashed and burned in quick time. 

Story Brand is available HERE

YOUPRENEUR FM with Chris Ducker

Those that know and follow me also understand that I have a huge amount of respect for the self made Chris Ducker. Not only did he set up his own hugely successful business, he has helped 100’s of entrepreneurs start out on their own journey with some very simple, though provoking and timeless advice based around setting up the ‘business of you’. 

There is only one of you and therefore if you tap into what you can specifically do for your customers that others can’t copy, (although many will try), then you can ‘future proof’ and build the ‘business of you’. He is a sought after keynote speaker and presenter as well as an Amazon best selling author of two books. Short, sharp and full of what he calls ‘knowledge bombs’.


CNN Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

American journalist and news Anchor presents this weekly podcast from CNN, talking to entrepreneurial bosses across the world. From major players in the world economy to smaller more niched business CEO’s, Poppy has a way of getting people to open up without realising they are doing so. 

Whilst it’s very easy in these kinds of things to eulogise about the person in front of you, Poppy has a knack of getting the business owners to be brutally honest about how they got to where they are often looking at the lows of their journey as well as the publicised highs. We can learn a lot about some of the real people behind some of the brands that as small businesses we want to emulate. It’s not all the rags to riches glory stories we are told in autobiographies many years after they’ve left the business, sometimes it’s hard work, sleepless nights and being a little bit crazy.

CNN Boss Files is available HERE

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