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Anneka Hicks Talks to YBKBS Exclusively About Why She's Left ExcludedUK, the Group She Founded and Fighting for 3 Million Business Owners During The Pandemic, YBKBS Small Business News for Smart Business Owners
Why the Founder of Excluded UK has had to leave for her own health
Meet The Couple Dedicated to the Black Business Economy
YBKBS Small Business News for Smart Business Owners Chris Ducker Interview and Podcast
Best Selling Author and Chris Ducker Talks About Future Proofing Your Business
New York Times Bestseller Mike Michalowicz, talks to YBKBS about how to 'Fix' your small business easily. A must read for small business owners.
New York Times Best Seller Mike Michalowicz talks to YBKBS

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This platform is dedicated to giving Small Business Owners, SME’s and Entrepreneurs that news that really matters and can help them grow their businesses.  

Originally born out of the CoVid-19 crisis which swept the globe devastating the lives and the businesses of millions of people, here in the UK we quickly realised that ‘help’ and ‘practical advice’ for entrepreneurs, SME’s and small business owners simply wasn’t there, good enough or what was really needed.

SME and small business owners were at the mercy of a mass media that didn’t understand what news and advice was really needed to help.

So our platform is here to help grow, build, rebuild, market, rebrand and manage the amazing small businesses, SME’s and entrepreneurs anywhere in the UK.

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Is #GIRLBOSS Culture doing more harm than good? Is it 'sexist'? article and feature for YBKBS Small business News for Smart Business Owners

Is #GirlBoss Culture Doing More Harm Than Good?

Monikers like “girlboss” and “boss babe” have been used to describe women in business for some time. Aside from the unfortunate associations with shady business models like pyramid schemes, these well-intentioned attempts at fighting sexism have always seemed… well, kind of sexist…

Small Business owners mental health has been badly effected by Lockdowns but Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz has been there for them ybkbs small business news for smart business owners

365 Days and 1000’s of Men No Longer On The Edge

For many men the thought of talking about their issues and mental health fills many with a sense of dread. (There’s one writing this.) But thanks to Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz, there are thousands more that have had the space and time to talk of their issues over the last twelve months. And what a twelve months it’s been. 

loneliness in business by Marc Ford MBA ybkbs magazine

Loneliness For Business Owners – a Silent Killer?

Being self employed and running your own business can be one pf the greatest thing you can do for yourself and your family in your life. It can open so many doors, so many opportunities and lead to a legacy that your friends, family and customers will benefit for years to come. But it’s also one of the loneliest places on earth too…it could be one of the deadliest things we don’t talk about.

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Lewis D Chaney Talks about saying LESS but being heard MORE YBKBS Small Business News Platform for smart business owners

Get To The Damn Point! How to Say Less and Be Heard More

It’s business and self employed 1:01. You’ve said it about them; they’ve said it about you. Well, maybe we just said it to ourselves, murmuring slightly with an un-noticed eye roll, or have at least thought, “Just get to the damn point already!”

eKitchenette - Serving the food industry the CoVid era and beyond ybkbs small business news for smart business owners

eKitchenette: Serving the Food Industry in the COVID Era and Beyond

In challenging times, innovative solutions are called for. And for three local entrepreneurs from Leicester, the pandemic inspired them to come up with a creative way to support local restaurants and food businesses. 

Thomas Edde, Ali Datoo, and George Martin founded eKitchenette, an app that combines influencer marketing and online ordering to build a trusted community of food business owners, influencers, and consumers. I met Thomas via Zoom this week to learn more about the business and the team’s journey so far.

Vilma Jackson : Meet the Performance Artist Paving The Way for Deaf Creatives

Vilma Jackson: Meet the Performance Artist Paving the Way for Deaf Creatives

Multi award-winning Deaf performance artist Vilma Jackson has launched a new chat show featuring an all-star selection of Deaf panellists. The first episode of The Vilma Jackson Show was released on 11 March, and the second will follow soon. Episode 1 showcases the wide array of talent that exists within the Deaf community and the barriers Deaf people face, while the second will address the wider debate around diversity, inclusion, and equality as they apply to the Deaf community.

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Small Businesses can lead the charge on plastic waste and sustainable businesses - Small Business News for Smart Business Owners - YBKBS

Small Businesses Can Lead The Charge on Dealing With Plastic Waste

New data has revealed that almost three-quarters of UK consumers (71%) think brands, retailers and small businesses are NOT doing enough to make their beauty and personal care* purchases more sustainable. They also identified plastic waste as the main culprit – around half (46%) see it as the biggest sustainability challenge facing the industry.

eBay posts impressive numbers - YBKBS Small Business Magazine

eBay Friend of The Small Business – Posts Impressive Results

Friend of the Small Business owner, eBay has posted some impressive figures after Christmas 2020

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